About us

Intermoney Valores SV is the Investment Services arm of the CIMD Group, specialising in providing institutional and professional clients with access to fixed income and equity markets
01 Who we are

Intermoney Valores SV

Founded in 1999, the company uses the latest and most efficient methods in the industry to access the world’s leading securities markets, thereby distinguishing itself from other entities in this sector.

The company has access to the world’s main markets, and is a member of: BME, Xetra, NYSE Euronext Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon. It also belongs to both Euroclear and Iberclear.

02 Values

Our values

Intermoney Valores SV bases its services on the following guiding principals:



Enabling us to provide services in an objective and efficient manner.

Strict professional standards

More than 20 years building on values that distinguish us from other, similar entities.

Cutting-edge technology

Enabling us to execute orders swiftly and efficiently.


Enabling us to analyse and make the most appropriate decisions for our clients.


Clear and accurate information to our clients in regard to executions.

Proximity to our clients

With a professional and highly experienced commercial area, enabling continuous client monitoring.
03 CIMD Group

CIMD Group

Intermoney Valores belongs to the CIMD Group: A leading INDEPENDENT group in FINANCIAL MARKETS since 1984. Offering brokerage, consultancy, management, securitisation and energy services. With offices in Madrid, Lisbon and Dubai.

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04 Annual Report

Annual financial statements

Access all the content of the Annual Report of Intermoney Valores SV, choosing which year you wish to consult.


Solidarity Day

The CIMD Group’s main charity action consists of donating to a group of NGOs all the revenues obtained from the brokerage business and turnover of the Group’s ten companies on that day.