01 Equities

Spanish and foreign equities

Intermoney Valores SV is a member of BME, Xetra, NYSE, Euronext Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, as well as Euroclear and Iberclear. It has direct access to all European equity markets and the leading US, Latin American and Asian equity markets, providing global access to bourses, underpinned by its vast experience and independence.

02 Fixed income

Fixed income

The Fixed Income desk at Intermoney Valores SV commenced its activity almost 20 years ago. At present, six highly specialised professionals in the distribution of a broad range of private fixed income products provide services in relation to financial instruments such as mortgage covered bonds, corporate bonds, bond issues by Spanish regions, telecommunications-related issues and perpetual bonds.

03 Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Intermoney Valores SV provides its clients with access to investment opportunities in terms of both geography and asset class, through mutual funds managed by the Group’s fund manager, Intermoney Gestión SGIIC; it also provides access to the subscription of funds from more than 200 Spanish and foreign managers.
Clients may request documentation (KIID, Prospectus, Reports, etc.) on funds to which they apply to subscribe through Intermoney Valores SV.